Client Quotes

"You will probably never understand the impact you had on our lives at just the time when we really needed a positive yet honest voice."


"Thank you for choosing the profession you did, you are truly making a difference"


"You do great work, I know you helped me tremendously. I don't think I could go to anyone else."

- J.F.

"Through this therapy experience, I am able to completely manage my bipolar symptoms for the first time in my entire life."


"Thank you for making this such a safe and accepting place for us"


"Therapy gave our relationship a second chance"


"She is a very empathetic, nonjudgmental listener and easy to talk to. She is very trustworthy and affirming, she helped me try new skills and changed my life story. Thank you, Ms. Rutter"


"From talking to you on the phone initially through today, passion for your work and dedication to others are in large why I've continued to value your counseling."


"You are right where you should be. I hope you continue helping families like ours until you are old."


Colleague Quotes

"Rachael is a bold and compassionate therapist. I have been fortunate to know and work with Rachael for over 3 years. In that time we have seen many clients together and I have been able to see Rachael's success in helping her clients meet their goals in counseling. She is a joy to work with because she integrates her own fun and laid-back personality into the therapy room. Her personality, in combination with knowledge of complex family and mental health concerns, puts her clients at ease and makes her approachable when discussing personal issues. She has a range of experience working with children, teens, adults, families, and couples who are struggling with anxiety, depression, or relationship concerns to name a few examples.

Beyond being a 'generalist,' she has also sought out experience working with clients who have substance use concerns. Rachael is knowledgeable with many models of therapy, including Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT), Bowen & Structural Family Systems Therapies, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT), and Narrative Therapy. This makes her able to adapt her practice to fit with the client and the issue to provide a tailored experience. In addition, Rachael is currently gaining experience as a divorce mediator and I was fortunate to oversee Rachael as a teaching assistant for the conflict resolution certificate program which she completed. This gave me an added perspective, as I was able to see Rachael as a dedicated, intelligent student and leader. I highly recommend Rachael for anyone seeking counseling/therapy or mediation services."


"Rachael is a wonderful therapist. Very knowledgeable, caring, and compassionate. Dedicated to her clients and her work as a therapist."


"Rachael is such an outstanding therapist! She genuinely cares about her clients and in helping them overcome their difficulties. I would recommend her to anyone looking to make changes and overcome obstacles in their lives."


"Rachael is an effective and compassionate therapist who is incredibly trustworthy and dependable in all areas of her professional life. Top Qualities: Personable, great results, high integrity."

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